Aircraft Fleet

Here is our current fleet of aircraft, rental price and rental agreement is available on each aircraft's page.  Please contact us if interested or have any questions. 


172S KLN 94 kmd 550 mfd KAP 140 dual axis autopilot vertical navigation and coupled approach Bravo Flight Training Rental Agreement ...
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Cessna 172S G1000 Basic Empty Weight: 1757.4 Useful load: 800.6 Maximum Ramp Weight: 2558.0 Maximum Take Off Weight: 2550.0 XM ...
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CESSNA 172P Aircraft Specs Maximum Weight -2400LBS Basic Empty Weight -1500LBS Maximum Useful Load -900LBS CG- 38.77 Baggage Allowance -170LBS IFR ...
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Piper Arrow II Aircraft Specs Basic Empty Weight - 1758.5 lbs Empty CG - 85.79 Empty Moment - Gross Weight ...
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CESSNA 172M - 1975 Aircraft Specs Basic Empty Weight - 1449.39 lbs Empty CG - 39.42 Empty Moment -  Gross ...
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N5383Q Cessna 150 Commuter- 1972 Aircraft Specs Basic Empty Weight - 1093.6 Empty CG - 33.26 Empty Moment - 36370.8 Gross ...
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