Introducing our team.

Brenda Tibbs

Brenda Tibbs, a gold seal CFII, opened Bravo Flight Training in 2016 with the goal of creating a fun and safe environment for pilots to learn. She began flying in 2001 and became a CFII in 2010. Thanks to her many wonderful students, Brenda was the recipient of the AOPA Flight Instructor of the Year award in 2016 and recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor by AOPA in 2017. Brenda earned her Tail wheel endorsement in 2016 flying a Cessna 120 and her Commercial Seaplane rating in 2017. Brenda is the Post leader for the Frederick Aviation Explorers and an active member of the Sugarloaf 99’s. When she is not working at Bravo, Brenda enjoys spending time with her kids and grandchildren, hiking with her dogs Rex and Emi or working in her garden.

Jim Wincelowicz

Jim is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and holds CFI/CFII/MEI and Advanced Ground Instructor Certificates. Additionally, he holds an ATP Certificate with a CL-65 Type Rating and is an active, full-time Air Line Pilot. Jim, a native Marylander, began his flight training in 2012 at Martin State Airport in Middle River. While building time for his Commercial Certificate, Jim was fortunate enough to be able to fly across most of the United States and some International destinations, such as Bimini, Bahamas. Jim enjoyed flying to Vail, CO, and Nantucket, the most! Flying in a variety of climates allowed for a better appreciation and understanding of certain factors such as airplane performance and weather. Jim is dedicated and enthusiastic to work with students to help them reach their aviation goals. Jim’s instruction places a strong emphasis on procedures and safety, allowing students to become confident, competent, and safe Pilots. When not flying, Jim enjoys being outdoors hiking and kayaking.

Frank Watson

Frank Watson graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1996 and spent 13 years as an Air Force logistician. He separated from the Air Force in 2009 to get married and settle down in Frederick. He began his flight training in 2014 and earned his CFI in November 2016 and CFI-I in October 2017. He's currently working on multi-engine airplane and commercial helicopter ratings. He enjoys long walks on the beach and sunsets.

Mike Crawford

Mike is a lifelong resident of Frederick, who got his license in 2005. He is a CFI and CFII. He started flight instructing full time in 2016 after retiring from a 25-year career in the fire department. He still teaches at the University of MD teaching fire/rescue courses around the state. When he is not flying or teaching, Mike enjoys traveling with his family and working on his 1966 Mustang.

Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker, a CFII started his training in 2015 and completed most of his ratings in Raleigh, North Carolina. His instruction is focused to prepare students to handle real-world examples in the air with precision and confidence with the emphasis on safety above all. Ryan was recognized as an AOPA Distinguished Flight Instructor in 2018. He enjoys helping new pilots attain their goals, and be successful in all that they set out to accomplish. During his time building for his commercial license, he was fortunate to be able to fly up and down the east coast and see many interesting destinations. One of his favorite places to fly is Savannah, Georgia. In his free time, Ryan loves to travel and experience new vacation destinations, as well as flying just for fun!

Jay Chiang

Jay started flying in 2011 and earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 2012. He spent the next five years flying for fun in and around the Mid-Atlantic and East coast. In 2017 he decided to end his first career in theater administration and production in the District of Columbia and pursue becoming a CFI. In 2018 he earned his CFI and joined the team at Bravo. Jay, a native of Silver Spring, MD chose the Frederick Airport as his home base as he has always loved to be near the Appalachian’s from his days as a Boy Scout. Jay emphasizes safety, good decision making and having fun in all of his flights. In his free time Jay loves reading about history, camping, playing games with friends and spending time in the Outer Banks.